Buying a Vacation Home

You may find that buying a property in Bozeman for a potential vacation rental could be a more daunting task than you imagined. As of 2016, the City of Bozeman is making an effort to come to grips with how to handle the booming vacation rental market and the issue of proper zoning and cooperation with Gallatin County Health Department are going to come into play more than ever before. If you want to set up a successful vacation rental it is important that you, as a Buyer, work with an agent who understands the local ordinances, zoning, covenants, economics, and guest preferences in order to buy a vacation home that fits your specific needs and wants. 

Whether it is a 2nd home that you spend the summers in and just want to rent it out to cover the heating bill in the winter..
Expect a 4% return with very little personal use..
We look at all of these scenarios to make sure you find the right fit for Bozeman vacation home you always wanted!